BREAKING! Democrats Just Made A Change That Could Cost Hillary The Election

The executive director of Trumpocrats PAC, Christian Rickers, said his opposition to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is due to her position on free trade, and it’s the reason why he and many other Democrats are abandoning their party.

“I’m a lifelong Democrat, really since I was a little kid, and I still am a Democrat,” Rickers said in an interview with Breitbart. “But the Clintons—for instance, where I am from, my hometown, when I was a kid we had 15 manufacturing plants and we now have one. Nobody does anything there anymore, and that’s the same thing happening in a lot of small towns across the country really. The Clintons are really the cause of this, the cause of manufacturing going overseas with NAFTA and the trade deals and all of that.”

Ricker’s PAC is dedicated to Trump’s mantra of “American First,” and isn’t just for disenfranchised Democrats.”We are disillusioned with the rigged political and economic system that has left millions of Americans behind,” the website says.

“We want good jobs again and we want our dignity back. We want to work hard, support our families, and live our lives.

Harlan Hill, a Democratic consultant who’s also supporting Trump said that there are a lot of people disillusioned with politics as usual, regardless of political party.

“Hillary has a 30-year track record of lies, deceit and fraud,” Hill told Red Alert Politics. “Even when she’s caught, for instance putting her own political ambitions ahead of national security by using a private unclassified email server, she doubles down on the lie. Hillary has proven — with regularity — that she will put her own ambitions and wealth over the interests of the American people. Hillary Clinton is the antithesis of millennial voters like me: a Wall Street beholden, anti-worker, trigger-happy neo-con.”

Polling has confirmed Hill’s comments. According to a recent YouGov poll, nearly 60 percent of millennials want to see a Democrat win the White House, but only 40 percent want Clinton.

Being a political outsider and moderate on policy issues may be the Republican nominee’s biggest advantage to building a large coalition of Trumpocrats and winning the White House.

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