Jeb Bush Joins Hillary Clinton And Betrays Republicans With Shocking Statement

Following his recent attacks on Donald Trump, our only hope at keeping Hillary out of the White House, Jeb! has officially gone from low-energy to low-principles.

During the first Republican Primary debate, the candidates were asked if they would pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, no matter who it may be. All agreed, except Donald Trump, earning from a handful of boos from the audience. That became a point of attack against Trump later in the debate.

Now Trump is the nominee, and what a reversal it’s been. Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and Jeb! Bush have all refused to endorse Donald Trump, and now Jeb! is taking the opposition to a new level, siding with liberals over the recent controversy Trump has had with the Khan family.

Via American Patriot Daily

Former Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, who dropped out of the Republican primary election after suffering a devastating loss to Trump, decided to side with Hillary Clinton and use her attacks against Trump as well.

The ex-Florida governor tweeted, “This is so incredibly disrespectful of a family that endured the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” which linked a story written by the liberal New York Times.

Of course, Jeb Bush’s comments aren’t surprising, as he has refused to endorse Trump’s campaign — breaking his own pledge to Republican voters that he’d back the Republican nominee.

The liberal mainstream media has twisted Trump’s comments as an attack on the Khan family, instead of acknowledging the fact that Mr. Khan willfully entered the political arena at the DNC and specifically targeted Trump with harsh attacks.

The media’s distortion of events proves how they have worked to undermine the Trump campaign and prop-up Hillary Clinton in this hotly contested election.

Not surprisingly, Jeb Bush has betrayed the Republican party and is actively helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign with his attack on Donald Trump.

He might as well just endorse Hillary Clinton at this point. He tried to further a political dynasty in running for President, I doubt he’ll have any trouble supporting a different dynasty.


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