CIA Release Video Which Shows Clinton Cocaine Trafficking Op! SHE IS FINISHED!

An ex-CIA operative released a video which compromises Hillary and Bill. In addition, he also said that a huge surprise is in store for Hillary.

VIA Your News Wire

The former operative, named Reed, says that former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton ran a cocaine trafficking network that distributed guns in exchange for cocaine as part of a secret federal operation headed by Col. Oliver North. reports:

In the video below, provided by InfoWars, it clearly show that this is anything but a wild theory that lacks foundation. The interview was part of Police 2 The Takeover series that took place in 2000, and this clip will offer insight into something many have forgotten about for over a decade.

Gathering evidence on Bill Clinton to prove he operated as a cocaine trafficker while President of the United States would be extremely difficult given the documents are top secret and will never be shown to the public, but what about problems lingering after the fact?

As many know, Bill suffers from severe medical issues, too. To date, he refuses to release his full medical records, much like Hillary. Bill has only released a handful of short, evasive “summaries” since 1992, and there are growing demands to see them. Even Bob Dole is still waiting to see the records he called for in 1992, but Bill will not reveal them.

It has been heavily rumored that Bill Clinton has been treated for an illness called a “perforated septum.” This is a medical condition caused by the heavy and prolonged use of cocaine. Again, this is only a theory given he will not release his medical records, but the timing of everything is perplexing, isn’t it?

This medical condition occurs when: “the cartilage separating the two passages of the nose is eaten away from the frequent inhalation of cocaine. The divider, or septum, is literally burned away by the drub. Such a condition can only be treated through delicate surgery.”

In fact, an alleged mistress of Bill Clinton, Sally Perdue, stated that she witnessed Clinton prepare a “line” of cocaine on her living room table. She indicated that Clinton was no amateur, “he had all of the equipment laid out, like a real pro.” Despite keeping this a secret for many years, the leaks are starting to build and patterns are being connected.

So there you have it folks. The democrats want to put a drug addict in the White House.

We mustn’t allow this folks. Let’s share this article and expose them!


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