Dems Horrified When Giuliani Reveals on Live TV Who Kicked Cops Off DNC Floor

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is well-renowned for his explosive dialogue and “tell it like it is” personality. That said, he certainly upped the ante of his impassioned tirades when discussing the Democratic National Convention.

On location in Philadelphia, Giuliani gave “Fox & Friends” the inside scoop on the security within the confines of the arena — which was practically non-existent.

“This is the most anti-police, anti-law enforcement convention I’ve ever seen in my whole life,” he said. “There was not a uniformed police officer allowed on the convention floor. I was told that by four high-ranking police officers, two of whom I’ve known for a very long time.

“And then I walked the floor for very long time and I couldn’t find a single officer,” Giuliani added. “Go look at your footage. You find me a uniform. Hillary Clinton didn’t want uniformed police officers on the convention floor.” (Emphasis added.)


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