HELL YEAH! What This Black Pastor Just Said to Hillary Clinton Will Lose Her EVERY Black Vote in America!

Pastor Mark Burns, one of Donald Trump’s most vocal black supporters, just Dropped a truth bomb on Hillary Clinton that will decimate her pyramid of LIES and RACISM!

After getting attacked by a liberal reporter who was trying to LIE to the world by falsely accusing both Trump and Pastor Burns of racism, Mark Burns was out for blood.

Not the blood of the punk blogger who tried to paint the Christian leader as racist. No, burns is out for CLINTON BLOOD!


He is tired of Hillary Clinton pretending ANYONE who supports Donald Trump is a racist since that could not be further from the truth. In fact, tons of people from ALL races want Donald to win.

“They (minorities) understand that with the Democratic Party, they have been getting a bad deal,” Burns added.

Hillary and her cronies don’t want to see America UNITED. They need us to divide based on race and religion since that is how Democrats conquer people.

“Hillary Clinton is continuously using the race-baiting objective to divide and conquer. Put blacks in one place, put Hispanics in one place. Put other ethnic groups in one place and instead of bringing us together as the United States of America, they’re consistently dividing and conquering us.”

If you genuinely love the country that our Founding Fathers designed, then you need to be willing to stand alongside Pastor Burns and help.

Let’s prove to the Democrats that we ARE NOT the racist ones.

Let’s show poor, uneducated black and Hispanic folks that there ARE jobs and a future for them, not just welfare and Democrats.



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