MASSIVE NEW LEAK: Look What Just Leaked About Hillary’s Handler

There has been a haunting new discovery of one of Hillary Clinton’s supposed “Secret Service” Agents otherwise known as Hillary’s Handler. The man has been seen following the Democratic Party’s candidate along the campaign trail.

This man has been seen around Hillary Clinton along the campaign trail holding a mysterious pen that is thought to be used to administer medicine for seizures.

Some people have gone to Twitter to voice observations they noticed recently that Clinton “during a campaign stop in a Las Vegas union hall on Aug. 4, froze suddenly. She looked to be unsure of where she was, almost as if she were in a trance.”

After this incident this mysterious man, along with several others, rushed to Clinton’s side and he was seen patting her on the back and telling her, “You’re OK — Keep talking.”

Where’s Hillary’s handler?

Following this incident and being outed on Twitter, this mysterious man “mysteriously” disappeared from Clinton’s campaign.

It would be one thing if this man was actually part of the secret service but the fact that he disappeared after any notice being brought towards him brings his presence into even more question. Clinton’s known hatred for security guards doesn’t help her and the Democratic Party hide the strange presence of this man.

If this man isn’t a secret service agent then that raises the question even more who is this mysterious man that disappeared as fast as he appeared. The syringe that he was carrying obviously isn’t being held out in the open in the picture below.


Everything surrounding this man is shrouded in mystery which only raises more questions. If Donald Trump fires someone, it is done publicly. The person doesn’t just disappear suddenly without a trace. This makes it seem like Clinton’s campaign is trying to cover up something rather than being transparent like someone that is running for the President of the United States.


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