Mike Huckabee Just Made a BONE CHILLING Prediction About Trump

Mike Huckabee Just Made a BONE CHILLING Prediction About Trump

Mike Huckabee went on Fox & Friends Saturday and made a chilling prediction about Republicans in Congress and President Trump.

Huckabee is warning the world that many of the Republicans in Congress are not only obstructing President Trump’s agenda, but are actually afraid of him succeeding in draining the swamp.

“I’m really more and more convinced that there are a lot of Republicans in Washington who aren’t afraid that Donald Trump will fail, they’re afraid he will succeed and that he really will drain the swamp.”

Huckabee has a brilliant mind for these tactics from his long tenure in the political sphere.

“The Republicans are the ones who are stonewalling everything he’s trying to get done in Congress right now.”

The former Arkansas Governor gave the DACA program as an example of President Trump turning the tables on these obstructionist Republicans and forcing them to get their jobs done with his six month delay in ending the program.

The Republicans in Congress had better get something done on DACA or “there are going to be a lot of Republicans going home next year.”

Huckabee is absolutely right and while liberals are losing their minds over President Trump following the rule of constitutional law, Trump is shining a bright light on the shenanigans within Congress.

Do you think Congress needs to stop obstructing President Trump and start doing their job? Comment below!

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