Doom-and-gloom Republicans need to get on the Trump Train


“Doom and Gloom for the GOP” — the headlines speak for themselves as the media gleefully report that morale is low in the Republican Party and a growing number of traditional Republicans are expressing their discontent and unwillingness to support Donald Trump. These anti-Trump Republicans are ready to hand over a victory to Hillary Clinton, who continues to display a penchant for “pay-for-play” deals and offers no new solutions for strengthening America.

The anti-Trump Republicans think that they are abandoning just the nominee, but they are also abandoning many grass-roots Republicans and millions of voters who made their voices heard in the primary season by backing Mr. Trump.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus boldly sent a message to those anti-Trump Republicans, saying that “we will win with or without you this fall.” Despite the growing obstacle from their own party members, the Trump campaign and the survivors at the Republican National Committee are focused on developing a solid grass-roots ground game and reaching new voters in key states. They are not giving up on the GOP and understand the dangerous consequences of a Clinton presidency.

It’s not even September and some establishment GOP types are ready to throw in the towel on Mr. Trump and focus on 2020. They oppose Mr. Trump’s unorthodox campaigning style and his rhetoric. Some even agree with Mrs. Clintonthat he is “dangerous.”

But what is dangerous is handing over the nation to Mrs. Clinton, who has misjudged our enemies, proposed weak economic plans and higher taxes, and would reshape the Supreme Court negatively for generations to come. The anti-Trump Republicans need to realize that Mrs. Clinton — not Mr. Trump — is the candidate opposing limited government, peace through strength in the international arena and stronger economic growth. Under the Obama administration, we have already witnessed a shrinking middle class, lower wages and a 50-year low in homeownership, and yet these Republicans who support Mrs. Clinton effectively support the status quo.


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