Watch: This Fox News report will stop Hillary in her Tracks, millions are watching!

Fox News is serious in the mission called DESTROY CROOKED HILLARY!

And they are good and successful in this attempt, we think this reporting is going to finish Hillary, she will be stopped in her tracks.
Obama is not going to be able to save her form the truth and from the justice.

Now, after all we know so far, Donald Trump’s concerns about potential ballot tampering in November appear to have been vindicated.

A Fox News investigation into election fraud, which has occurred in recent elections, and exactly how the stealing of votes has occurred is absolutely shocking.

Fox News reporter Eric Shawn discovered a vast number of individuals who had absentee ballots cast in their name illegally.

The Americans did not know the absentee ballot had been filled out with their personal information until the reporter showed them a copy of the form.

In another instance, Americans, who for some unfathomable reason did not desire to exercise their right to vote, actually sold their votes for as little as $25 to members of a group who wanted to cast numerous ballots for a candidate of their choosing.

During the 2012 election in Pennsylvania, more ballots were cast than there were people in the state.

According to election officials in Pennsylvania, illegal immigrants also voted in the 2012 election.

During the same election, there was a ZERO percent voter turnout for Mitt Romney in some precincts of Cleveland. An elderly black woman was arrested for voting multiple times for Barack Obama by casting ballots in the name of others—including her sister, who had been in a coma for many years.

Some of the most egregious examples of voter fraud were not caught until three years after the 2008 and 2012 elections.
There is no excuse for such fraud to constantly exist and go unchecked.

The president is now not sworn in until January, therefore giving election board officials plenty of time to verify the information on absentee ballots.

Liberals loathe voter ID laws, idiotically deeming them racist. You have to show an ID to cash a welfare check, buy a beer or a pack of smokes, get a loan, file for a tax refund, get hired for a job, and dozens of other common tasks that must be accomplished in everyday life.

We need voter reform and fair elections NOW, otherwise, we the People are just engaging in an exercise in futility every four years when casting ballots for the presidential candidates of our choice.

Trump supporters are organizing in huge movement to stop election fraud from Clinton thugs.

And we are going to make Trump the next US president, the will of the people is more stronger then the Clinton mafia machine!

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