Watch: Lou Dobbs exposes on Live TV Hillary’s evil criminal plan to steal the elections!

Watch: Lou Dobbs exposes on Live TV Hillary’s evil criminal plan to steal the elections!

Trump called his supporters to be careful, he said that there is a big chance Hillary to try to steal the elections.

And we should be very careful, the chances are that Hillary will try to use some of the old tricks that she used against Bernie Sanders, something that now we know thanks to WikiLeaks.

According to the liberal media, Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump in the polls almost everywhere, which means that a win for her is all but inevitable. But for some reason, we have our doubts that it’s actually the case. You see, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been rife with scandals, lies, and collusion with media.

Rally photos have been altered to make Hillary look more popular than she really was, and Trump’s massive rallies were downplayed to make it look like he was losing steam, and not picking it up in America’s heartland. If you take these things into account, it paints a picture that leads to one thing the liberal media and their polls cannot be trusted, especially when it favors Hillary by such a wide margin.

Case in point Fox News reporter Lou Dobbs uncovered Hillary’s new campaign directive, called Mi Sueno, Tu Voto, which translates from Spanish into My Dream, Your Vote, in which Hillary is actively courting the dreamers, also known as illegal immigrants and their families, to vote for her.

Yes, that’s right. Hillary is going after illegal immigrants for her voter drive. If that doesn’t let you know that she’s doing way worse with real Americans than what we’re led to believe on the mainstream media, then I don’t know what will.

Here’s Lou Dobbs EPIC take down:

This is so powerful. Lou Dobbs is so right, spot on!

Now we all have to go on the voting boots and vote in bigger numbers for Trump and also we should press the government to stop allowing the illegals to vote.

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