BREAKING! FBI Involved In Secret Clinton Foundation Investigation


A Month after FBI Director James Comey Claimed he would not recommend charges be filed against Hillary Clinton, we’re learning the FBI is still involved in an active criminal investigation of her and her activities with her Foundation. reported: Author Ed Klein talked to a source close to Comey, who claims Hillary Clinton is still the target of an active FBI criminal investigation. But this time, it’s being conducted under the radar. With little public fanfare, Comey’s agents have been looking into Hillary’s relationship with foreign businessmen and governments who donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and are suspected of having received favors from the secretary of state in return. Such pay-to-play behavior falls under the category of “public corruption,” and Comey’s agents are trying to determine whether Hillary conducted a series of secret meetings with foreigner donors separate from her duties as secretary of state. Several people interviewed by the FBI have confirmed that Hillary did just that on numerous occasions while she was at the State Department.

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