BOMBSHELL – Bill Clinton’s ‘Illegitimate Son’ Breaks His Silence, Internet Instantly EXPLODES

BOMBSHELL – Bill Clinton’s ‘Illegitimate Son’ Breaks His Silence, Internet Instantly EXPLODES

An old allegation against Bill Clinton has resurfaced and it is something that has not been in the headlines for years, but is something that is quickly catching steam.

Did Bill Clinton have an illegitimate son with an African American woman that was banished by Hillary?

Danney Williams is a black man that has made the claim to be Bill Clinton’s son… and this does not sound like a scam at all.

A former state trooper from Arkansas, Buddy Young, came forward to reveal that in 1983, he took Clinton and a prostitute. Bobbie Anne Williams, to a home in Hot Springs, allegedly the home of the prostitute’s mother.

He also stated they were both paid $400 as well as given a $50 tip.

Bad news for Bill… Danney looks like him too!

While the story fell off the map for some time, with the presidential election in full swing and mud being throw all over the place, it has suddenly resurfaced, with people even questioning Bill about it at appearances…

With all the publicity, Danney himself is putting more pressure on Bill to recognize him as his son.

You can even see that on hit Twitter profile, he openly claims to be Bill’s son and says he only wants to shake the man’s hand.

Whether it is true or not, we will not truly know until we get some DNA work back, but the trick is to get Bill’s DNA.

If Bill and Hillary want to put this behind them, Bill should have no problem submitting some DNA to disqualify this claim.

If, however, he refuses and he and Hillary spin it, it is NOT going to look good for Bill and Hillary’s chances at the White House.

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