BREAKING: Plan to Sabotage Trump EXPOSED! Look Which Republican is Behind it

FBI Involved In Secret Clinton Foundation Investigation

A plan to sabotage Trump has surfaced on the internet. This plan is being developed by John Kingston, III and in it, he basically wants Paul Ryan to pick the next GOP candidate…..Well, it is not going to happen!!

VIA Liberty Writers News

It is disgusting to think that at this point any Republican would go out of their way to actually sabotage Trump, however, that is exactly what Republican John Kingston, III is doing.

Here is the plan of John Kingston, III:

  • Run Evan McMullin Against Donald Trump using his “Better for America” group
  • Use personal connections to pull Republican donor money as well as political, media support
  • Use McMullin’s connections to gain military support.
  • Split vote 3 ways so neither candidate gets over 51% of vote
  • House of Representatives (Paul Ryan) picks the next president

So to explain exactly how manipulative the plan is, let me start with an introduction to John Kingston.

Kingston is an incredibly well-connected American businessman, attorney, and film director who was responsible much of the propaganda durning the Romney campaign.

He is also a member of the National Republican Senatorial Committee Majority Makers and theRepublican Governors Association Executive Roundtable.

To top it off, Kingston helped head the Affiliated Managers Group, an asset management group with over $600 billion in assets, alongside a top Bush advisor.

The reason Kingston picked Evan McMullin is because McMullin is the former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference in the U.S. House of Representatives and a former CIA agent.

This gives him so much influence in the intelligence community that the Republican National Security Committee just penned a letter opposing Trump at the same time as McMullin’s announcement.

Trump can make it through this, but it will be tough. We all need to be aware of what is actually happening and hold strong in the battles to come.

Let’s share this article everywhere and show our support for Trump!!


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