BREAKING: Wikileaks Exposes Hillary’s DIRTY SECRET in 67 Never Before Seen Clinton Emails

Hillary Clinton claims to be an “open book” when it comes to her emails. She has repeatedly told the American people that she willingly turned over every work related email to the FBI. We now know that was a lie. Hillary deleted 33,000 emails and just recently the FBI uncovered  nearly 15,000 emails Hillary must have “forgotten” to hand over.

Wikileaks just discovered 67 more emails Hillary wrote to a woman by the name of “Diane Reynolds”. After further investigation, Wikileaks found that Diane Reynolds is actually Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

You know, because what mom doesn’t use a fake name to correspond with their daughter?

In one email Hillary tells Chelsea (Diane) she is sitting in a meeting on Libya waiting for “the other shoe to drop.”


Wikileaks also found that at least one email was during a foreign policy meeting. So why would Hillary be emailing sensitive information about our national security to her daughter under a fake name?

Why would she even be sending messages like that to anyone outside of the government on an unsecured server?

If Hillary was using fake identities with her own daughter, how many more false identities exist?

Hillary claims that she has “nothing to hide”, but people with nothing to hide don’t use fake names. This is yet another case of Hillary deceiving the American people and lying to the few government officials trying to find the truth.

This is PROOF Hillary Clinton committed perjury.

All 67 newly released emails can be found here


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