BREAKING – WikiLeaks Releases 1 Email That Hits Hillary Like a TON OF BRICKS

The most transparent administration just got smacked for not being so transparent, and it is a massive cover up to protect Obama!

A newly released email proves Podesta and Cheryl Mills were purposely withholding emails to and from the President with Hillary Clinton to deceive the FBI during its investigation…

 One of Hillary’s primary arguments was that she did not have any classified documents in her email chain, something that Comey even admitted she did.

Hillary surely knew any emails back and forth between her and the president would be considered classified, yet she still lied to both the American people and the FBI about it!

Furthermore, Obama insisted he did not know about the email service, which this again proves to be false because he was communicating with her both via his official account as well as a fake name when Hillary had this server in play!

This entire administration has been nothing more than a complete hustle of the American people!

It was not by accident, either, as they would like us to believe, but rather a purposeful deception to further their far left agenda and fundamentally change the United States.

Every American in the country should be furious about this right now. Forget about left or right, this is about a government that is simply not telling the truth to the American people! This is something no American can accept!

As citizens of this country we cannot accept people that are supposed to be representing us pushing their own agendas! They are there to work for us, not take this country over and do what only a few and very powerful people want them to do!

Do you want a president that represents We the People or do you want George Soros and his other far left buddies controlling what happens to and for us?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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