BREAKING: Obama Caught With His Pants Down. See How He Just Betrayed Us

It’s been only a week since Obama furiously told reporters that the United States did not pay $400 Million in ransom to Iran for the release of four US hostages. The exact quote being “we do not pay ransom.”

These remarks coming after the Wall Street Journal reported that the United States had paid a suggested $400 Million in ransom for the four hostages being held by Iran.

Imagine people’s surprise after images of the reported $400 Million emerged in Iran. It’s kind of hard to trust a government to keep a ransom that large a mystery especially after they captured four United States citizens.

Obama’s lie can be seen in the video below.

Unsurprisingly, the Associated Press confirmed that the pallets of cash shown in images in Iran were exactly what everyone believed they were.

United States Taxpayers’ money. No one is arguing that these four Americans didn’t deserve to be freed with any power we as a country hold, but the phrase “we do not negotiate with terrorists” and a blatant and explicit lie from the commander in chief make this pill extremely hard to swallow.

The fact that this news isn’t larger is even more frustrating. The Liberals like to talk about the Iran-Contra Affair during Reagan’s presidency, but is this not the same thing? We have no idea where this $400 Million dollars is going and can only assume that it will be used to capture more hostages so the United States taxpayers can once again bail out Obama and his many mistakes.

The fact that Obama gave in to the pressure of the hostage holders only shows them that hostage capturing is a lucrative business. More than a majority of the world will ever make in their lifetimes in fact.


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