HOME RUN! WikiLeaks Release Proves Trump was Right Since Day 1 on Birther Issue

Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff are surely now wishing they had never, ever used email. The latest WikiLeaks dump by Julian Assange completely contradicts what Hillary has claimed on the birther issue. Prepare for the mainstream media to ignore this shocker!

One of the WikiLeaks emails revealed it was indeed the Hillary Clinton campaign who started pushing the “Muslim Obama” birther issue back in 2008. The email talking about Obama’s background and Islamic leanings was a missive sent between Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta and a pollster identified as GQRR.


One of the statements on the survey of Obama “negative facts” was this one: * 7 Obama (owe-BAHM-uh)’s father was a Muslim and Obama grew up among Muslims in the world’s most populous Islamic country,” the email reads.

A lengthy and detailed list of possible Obama attack points was shared in the Clinton campaign primary strategy email.

An email message in the string of Obama attack topics also said, “We’ve reworked the Obama message into the survey, as requested, but on the list of negative facts, we need to cut ONE since we separated out gay adoption and his use of cocaine. Please send your suggestions. Thanks!”

The gay adoption reference was part of one of the Obama negative talking points noting he had voted in favor of such a practice while serving in the Senate. The same poll testing question also made note of the candidate being viewed as one of the most liberal members of the governing body.

“I think gay adoption belongs with the ‘liberal’ hit on Obama, but ‘a little blow’ does not. ‘A little blow’ needs to be tested on its own,” Hillary staffer Paul Begala said in the email string discussing how best to attack Obama.

Obama’s stringent gun control stance was also being poll tested by Hillary. On the list of top seven things to loathe about the liberal senator was a reference to his vote against “allowing people to use handguns to protect themselves against intruders.”

The emails among Hillary Clinton staffers also appear to indicate there wasn’t much love for Obamacare by the career politician’s handlers. To hear Hillary speak on the campaign trail now that she needs Obama’s help getting elected, you would think Clinton believes he is the best president to have ever occupied the oval office.

“I think we need a more accurate tax attack on Obama. The $180 billion tax hike for healthcare is only the beginning,” the Begala emails continued.

The email appears to indicate Hillary and her campaign staff viewed being Muslim and growing up in an Islamic community as a negative—or at least felt/hoped the majority of Democrat voters did. So much for liberal tolerance and Hillary’s public comments about the need to embrace diversity.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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