After Liberals Call Him a Criminal, Ben Carson Pulls GENIUS Move That STUNS Everyone

After Liberals Call Him a Criminal, Ben Carson Pulls GENIUS Move That STUNS Everyone

Last month, at a Trump campaign rally in Phoenix, Ben Carson made a special appearance to speak to the people of Arizona. While sensible Americans view this as a great decision – where two former political rivals have come together to support one another – liberals saw it as criminal.

After the rally, a number of mainstream media outlets completely ignored the messages of unity delivered by President Trump. Instead they reported on how/why HUD Secretary Ben Carson may have violated the Hatch Act.

We don’t need to go into the intricacies of the Hatch Act really. All that needs to be said on this is that Ben Carson did NOT violate this act, nor did he break any laws.

This past week, Carson made a surprise appearance on ABC News’ podcast, Powerhouse Politics. He took this opportunity to praise Trump and completely DESTROY Democrats in the process.

Regarding Trump’s decision to point out the violent contributors on both sides of the Charlottesville protests, Carson showed support for Trump’s courage to distribute the accountability.

“I think a lot of the Americans that get caught up in this are decent people but they’ve allowed themselves to be manipulated into believing that they’re enemies and that they should hate each other, and that they should try to destroy each other, and this is exactly the wrong thing.”

Carson goes on to blame the sharp contrasts in partisanship which he believes are the main reason for much of the conflict in our country. He refers back to the attacks he faced after speaking at the Trump rally in Phoenix.

“The purpose of the Trump campaign paying for it though is so that all of that doesn’t go on the taxpayer’s bill. He’s trying to save the taxpayers money.”

Ben Carson is a great man who has taken a lot of undeserved heat from the Democratic side of the nation. However, he has continued to stand by Trump and support his efforts in making America great again.

Let Carson and President Trump be the role models for two opposing sides coming together for the greater good of our nation.

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