Malia Obama Just Embarrassed America In A Huge Way – The First Daughter Is Shameless!


First daughter Malia Obama skipped out on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, as she wanted to attend Lollapalooza, the annual Chicago-base music concert.

Now 18-years-old, she is taking a “year off” to spend her parent’s money and travel the world before attending Harvard in 2017.

Apparently, Secret Service had serious difficulty protecting Malia while she shamelessly danced “twerked” with massive groups of concertgoers. She was also caught on camera flipping her shirt up which was tied around her waist, while exposing her shorts at a Mac Miller concert:

More clips and photos of Malia have spread on social media:

Last year at Lollapalooza there were 34 arrests and 238 people were sent to hospitals… mostly for excessive drug and alcohol use. One hospital reported treating multiple teenagers with two to three times the legal alcohol limit after they mixed hard liquor with various illegal drugs.

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