President Trump’s Immigration Plan Will Send 8 Million Illegal Immigrants Back – Do You Have His Back?

President Trump’s Immigration Plan Will Send 8 Million Illegal Immigrants Back – Do You Have His Back?

President Donald Trump has made it clear from the git go that he was serious about firming up immigration policies and making it harder for immigrants to enter the United States illegally. Now, nine months into his presidency, President Trump is making some serious moves to crack down on illegal immigrants. Leftists, of course, are fuming after hearing about Trump’s plans to make it harder for more and more leeches to come into our country and feed off of our Welfare system.

President Trump’s requests empower migration authorities to deport all outsiders indicted violations, and over that each one of those that have not been charged yet rather are suspected to have done wrongdoings with a nice shot they will be charged.

This request for impacts around 8 million people. The left gauges a number of unlawful outsiders here are 11.1 million. Trump and his counselors put the number at 30 million.

President Trump’s numbers appear to be notably more correct. Money traded back to Mexico and young people in schools must be taken into consideration as well.

These requests that President Trump has made are an attempt at putting a stop to illegal immigrants leeching off of our Welfare system. The United States spends billions of dollars every year on providing assistance to many who are in our country illegally. These aren’t the people that our Welfare system was intended to be helping. The United States Welfare system is meant to help United Stated citizens. It comes as no surprise that the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, placed the numbers extremely high when you join schools and human services together.

The actions that President Trump has taken against illegal immigrants is something that most Americans never thought would ever happen. These people, who are coming into our country illegally and ignoring taxes entirely, are making more money off Welfare than they would if they were to get a real job and try to support their families. People in Mexico and Honduras and the Philippines are told that if they come to America they can make a living by doing nothing… why wouldn’t they flock here? The policies have got to change drastically.

On top of all that, the systems that baby these people allow them to trade food stamps, which is just a fake government managed savings numbers system. USA Politics Today explained, “It’s really dealt with wrongdoing on an enormous scale that the Democrats would favor not to stop since they get votes from it. In addition, I’m not examining illegal votes – in spite of the way that they exist – I am talking about when these people advance toward getting to be subjects or have children who are.”

Every single one of these votes is a Democratic vote.

One White House Official explained, “we’ve gone from a circumstance where ICE officers have no caution to upgrade open well-being and their situation is practically hopeless, to permitting ICE officers to take part in safeguard policing and to follow known open security dangers and prevent horrible wrongdoings from happening.”

It’s great to see President Trump working hard to make sure that American systems are benefiting American citizens. After all, these systems are in place to help our country’s people, not people who have snuck into the country illegally. Thank you, Mr. President, for making America about Americans again.

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