Rubio Calls For Unity in the GOP, “Unite Behind Trump!”


No one on the GOP side is chanting “lock him up!”

Rubio is now actively stumping for Trump.

From The Herald Tribune:

Ignoring his GOP primary opponent, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio called on his party to unite behind presidential nominee Donald Trump and bashed the two Democrats in the Senate race during a speech to Sarasota Republicans on Saturday.

Carlos Beruff, the Manatee County homebuilder challenging Rubio in the Aug. 30 primary, addressed the crowd of 800 gathered at Robarts Arena a few minutes later. He immediately ripped into Rubio’s record on immigration reform and slammed him as a “career politician” who has “done nothing” during his six years in the Senate.

It was the first time Rubio and Beruff have spoken at the same event, although Rubio was gone by the time Beruff took the stage.

Polls show Rubio has a big lead in the primary. He has avoided engaging with Beruff, ignoring his attacks and calls for debates.

In a brief interview with the Herald-Tribune Saturday after his speech, Rubio said he would consider debating Beruff.

“Sure, if it makes sense,” Rubio said of a potential primary debate. “I got into this so late I really haven’t even looked into that part.”

Rubio said during his presidential run that he would not seek re-election to the Senate, but after losing to Trump, he changed course and decided to try to hold onto his seat. The reversal caused several other Republicans to drop out of the race, leaving a head-to-head match-up between Beruff and Rubio in the GOP primary.

Beruff has spent big trying to get his name out, something he boasted about Saturday.

“I spent $8 million dollars on this campaign, $7.6 million of my own money,” Beruff told the crowd. “Why? Because nobody owns me.”


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