VIDEO: Gowdy Destroys Hillary’s ‘Triggerman’ After He Tries To Get Out Of Answering Questions

Hillary hired State Department IT specialist Brian Pagliano to delete her emails using Bleachbit after people started looking into her emails. Bleachbit makes the emails impossible to recover. The state department ended up giving Pagliano immunity, a move that originally pissed Gowdy off, because it’s like robbing a bank and giving immunity to the “triggerman”.

However, Gowdy was able to use this immunity to his advantage after Pagliano tried to sneakily get out of going to court. Pagliano tried to plead the 5th so he wouldn’t have to answer any questions that would get him in trouble. However, now that he has immunity he can’t plead the 5th because he can’t reveal anything incriminating to himself.

Only to Hillary Clinton. So the fact that he has immunity could end up being a good thing. Trey ripped into Steven Lynch for allowing Pagliano to plead the 5th even though that is unconstitutional in this situation.

“It puts him in jeopardy coming before this committee while that criminal referral is in existence. He’s an American citizen. I know the Constitution gets in the way of this committee sometimes,” said Trey.

Check out Trey Gowdy rip him a new one in the video below.

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