WATCH – Trey Gowdy Made Trump-Hating Harry Reid Look Like A Stupid Punk On Live TV

This might come as a total shock to you, but Harry Reid has discussed the faulty case against Donald Trump and the Russians.

Of course, there is no love lost between Harry Reid and Trey Gowdy. Reid is retiring soon, and Gowdy had this to say about this whole debacle: “Thank God he’s leaving is my initial reaction. My second reaction is I didn’t know Mormons used drugs.” 

The “drugs” statement definitely comes with the territory when discussing a man like Harry Reid. He claimed he has “explosive evidence” tying Trump to Russia, and he threatened Comey with sanctions under the Hatch Act if he didn’t comply to Reid’s demands.

The Hatch Act is 1939 legislation that was named for Senator Carl Hatch of New Mexico. It prohibits government officials from using their position to influence electoral activities.

In a move that shows Reid has totally divorced himself from reality, he scolded Director Comey, saying, “the double standard established by your actions is clear.” Excuse me?

Harry Reid is talking about double standards? This is the same man who got kickbacks in the form of tickets to boxing matches from 2003 to 2005 while a deal was pending in the House, so he is really not the one to talk about pernicious activity. (via Washington Post)

In 2006, Reid was involved in a suspicious land deal in Las Vegas that netted him over a million dollars in profit. The deal was orchestrated by a lawyer that had known mob ties and Reid took a number of actions to conceal the deal, violating Senate rules.

We are definitely in agreement with Trey Gowdy that no one is going to miss Reid when he leaves. His extreme liberalism has not made him any friends in Washington.

Moreover, the fact that he would ignore Clinton’s obvious scandals and attacking Donald Trump on such flimsy ground shows the man is, at best, extremely arrogant, and at worst hideously dirty. I would assume the latter, simply because of his scandals. Perhaps he only defends Clinton out of sympathy, he knows what its like to be caught doing something immoral.

It’s no wonder Americans were angry, they were tired of the scandals. This is just proof that Donald Trump’s election had nothing to do with Russia! Harry, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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