DEMOCRATS SCRAMBLING: This New Leak Will Bury Them Including Clinton

It seems that the Democrats can’t keep any of their internal documents private anymore. The most recent leak comes after Donald Trump berated Hillary Clinton for growing a “dangerous anti-police atmosphere” in Milwaukee recently.

It didn’t take long for Trump to be proven correct after yet another document leak from the Democratic Party stated exactly what Trump was saying.

In a recent report from The Examiner, The Democratic Party is worried that one of their candidates in Florida is “too pro-police.”

Internal documents from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that were leaked Monday reveal that the organization is highly critical of some Democratic candidates for Congress, including one that’s too “pro-police” for national party officials.

The documents include notes about electoral demographics, fundraising and similar campaign information, but most notably include criticism of at least two of the party’s own candidates going into Florida’s Aug. 30 primary election.

In the state’s 10th district, for example, where four Democrats are vying to replace Republican Rep. Daniel Webster, the DCCC papers single out one candidate: Bob Poe, who the documents note could be viewed as “anti-black lives matter/pro-police” and as “too conservative among other progressive Democrats.”

A candidate being supportive of the men and women that protect our cities and make us safe every night. What a novel idea. Apparently not, according to the Democratic Party.

What is even more disturbing is this image of Milwaukee Democrats torching a police car in racial rioting.


With violence against police officers growing, it is harder and harder for them to protect themselves, resulting in them not being able to do their job and protect the public. These men and women signed on to dedicate their lives to protect and serve their communities and it is sad to see images like a police car being torched.


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