This Leaked Hidden Camera Footage From Inside Hillary Campaign Will Give Trump Win!

Let’s just go ahead and say it. You won’t see this on CNN. Imagine if Donald Trump’s campaign was found guilty of what you are about to see. The media would attack Trump relentlessly.

The campaign Hillary4America is a group that advocates for the policies of Hillary Clinton. They are now searching for recruits to go to the polls and preach the kind word of Clinton.

There’s something wrong with this. THIS IS ILLEGAL. It is illegal to go to a polling/voter registration place and tell people who they should vote for.

Sometimes there is hell in heaven.

America is an amazing country, but even amongst its heavenly shores there are snakes. Watch the snakes in this video.

It’s hell on earth and our cities are on fire. We need to make America the beacon of hope again. Vote Donald Trump. Don’t let friends vote Democrats. They are trying to steal the election again.

Here is another one. The woman in this video is named Susan. She has an office in California. Here she is Las Vegas, Nevada signing up people to vote.

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