WOW! Obama’s Granny ADMITS He Was Really Born In Kenya!

One of those things about Barack Obama is that his family lineage is perpetually up for debate. I mean he may as well have been born in that town Parts Unknown where all the masked wrestlers seem to come from. Many of us have known for a long time Obama usurped the Oval Office, and his grandmother confirms as much in the video below. However, since there doesn’t seem to be much that is going to be done about Obama, let’s pretend for a moment Barack Obama had shame, and have some fun with him… at his expense of course.


USA Today Politics reported:

Ever since Barack Hussein Obama became president, he has been denying rumors that he was in fact born in Kenya. Obama has become desperate to shoot down these rumors, as if they were true, it would mean that he is ineligible to be our president and would have to leave the White House immediately.

Now, new audio footage has surfaced that could mean Obama will have to pack his bags very soon.

Recently surfaced audio footage shows Barack Obama’s grandmother admit that the President was born in Kenya.

At the end of the interview, Sarah Obama clearly says that she was present at Barack’s birth in her country of Kenya.

The interview was conducted in 2008, before Obama had won the Presidency. Apparently, Obama’s people had not yet instructed “Granny Sarah” to lie and say that Obama was not born in Kenya.Though she would swear that the President was born in the U.S. in later interviews, Sarah’s original story was always that he was born in Kenya.If the authorities would just investigate this further, we might be able to get rid of Obama before long.


Next is the video that alleges to catch Obama on film saying he was not eligible for the Office of the President is sketchy at best. Any time he is saying anything significant, the camera is not on his face, so it could easily be doctored. However, when viewed in connection with the information below and Barack’s past history of the truth… you tell me… is it really sketchy at all? At what point is there enough circumstantial, if not direct evidence?


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